Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Down, but not out.

Your friend and mine, Trey Bubbles Parker, has done it again.

And both of us are feeling the pain.

You can pretty much guess where his pain is.  Mine is in my pocket book.

From the time he was a teenager, Trey has been his own worst enemy.  He's torn gums, ripped nails, broken teeth, gotten quilled,  and generally not listened when his body told him he'd had enough.  I tell folk he has two speeds: asleep and "flat out".

His latest injury happened when he tore the pad on the back of his leg.  I thought if I left it it would heal on its own. Kaitlyn convinced me otherwise.  So here we are 30 hours, five stitches and $430 later, and poor Trey is feeling rather sorry for himself.

It clearly hurts and to add insult to injury, he has to wear a plastic bag on his leg when he goes outside. 'course it's almost seven in the evening and he's only been outside once today.  (I'd kill for a bladder like that !)

What on Earth am I going to do when he starts feeling better and learns he's not allowed to RUN for 10 days ?!!


BTW here is a link to a post from 2010 about the time Trey injured his mouth.  It is amusing to see that my last sentence on that post involved me fretting about the vet's admonition that Trey not be allowed to play with toys for 10 days !

Here's a post from 2011 about what happened when I fed Trey a non-raw dog bone !


Perhaps it's time to buy Trey pet insurance ?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

There is no tree outside my door.

I tell you that there is no tree outside my back door to help you understand my bafflement at seeing one there today.  

There it is.   A tree where none should be.

To the right in this photo is a long set of stairs.  

At the bottom of that set of stairs, is a tree that I planted four years ago.  It's a tall tree, perhaps 15 feet high.  That lovely tree was bent far over, a vivid demonstration of how heavy and destructive freezing rain can be.

I love that lil' tree and it saddens me that the weight of the ice is breaking its branches as the winds bang it against the side of the house.  I tried to bang some of the ice off the branches but that only sped up the damage.  

But "yes" freezing rain does make things look pretty.   

  Rose arbor
Rose bush by the front door
 Lilac bush.

But it's pretty tough for the birds.

And downright lousy for the power companies !

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Surf's Down !

In anticipation of today's "N'or Easter' Surf Contest" in Cow Bay, I originally thought the title of this post would be, "Surf's UP !".

At 9:30 a.m. this morning, I tootled over to "Flag Pond" where the event was to take place, worrying that I might not be able to find a spot in the parking lot as I'd heard there might be 100 entries.  Would I have to park on the shoulder of the road ? and if so, how far I might have to walk ?

But when I got there, the lone man in the parking lot who was loading his surf board into his car, informed me that the surf was not up to snuff and that everyone had headed over to Lawrencetown.

And so that is where Wendy and  I headed.

The day was overcast, but at 7 C (44F) it was milder than it has been in a very, very long time.

After this dismal, bitter, long winter, we Nova Scotians have very low standards when deciding what "mild" is. 

Upon arrival we parked in the almost-empty lot, then followed the boardwalk to scope out where everyone was.  

Most of them were near the base of that distant hill, where the best surf can usually be found. 

There we found a few intrepid surfers heading out in search of rideable waves.

Even though they wear "dry" suits that include coverings on their hands, I don't know how they can endure the winds on their just-dunked-in-ice-water faces !

The surfers wore different coloured T-shirts so that the judges up on the hill could tell who was who.  Sadly, the surf was disappointing and the hoped-for surfer numbers just didn't materialize.  The waves were "choppy" and short, which did not allow for very long rides, making it difficult for the surfers to show what they could do.

The judges have a marvellous view.

We walked up that hill, past the judges "tent", through a small grove of trees,

and along the edge of the cliff.

From there we could see Condrad Beach in the distance, and when we looked out to sea,

we spotted a lone surfer eschewing the contest for some time alone on the sea,  paddling out to catch a wave.

Can you see him ?

What a rush that must be !

We then turned and walked back down the hill, and along the cobbled beach, because it was time to head home, 

and take Trey for a walk into the woods.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wendy gets mail

A few weeks back after her disastrous encounter with the Porcupine and subsequent encounters with the vet, Sooki got a lovely "Get Well" card from my friend Cindy back in Ontario.

That's so sweet.  

A dog getting mail.

And then, last week, this came.

Wendy got mail !   A lovely note and a gift came from her friend, Margie, back in Ontario.   Wendy and Margie had a lovely afternoon together in Bear River a while back.

Like Dobby after he'd been presented with a sock, Wendy was thrilled with her gift.

Of course Trey had to get in on the act !

He seems to be wondering: "Does this make my head look fat?".

 It can be a bit depressing when your dogs get more mail than you do.   ;-)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dear Spring ...

Dear Spring,

Where are you ?  
 I miss you very much. 
Please come back.

Your friend,


P.S.  Remember all the good times we had together ?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trey, the log-loving idiot.

Well here's a change, a non-Sooki dog post.   Were you starting to wonder where Trey was ?  

Never fear, Trey is here.

See him ?   Down at the bottom of that cliff.

No idea what Wendy thinks of Trey's antics.

Here he comes.

My guess is, she thinks he's an idiot.
Carrying a log.


Carrying a full-sized log.  

Up.  A.  Cliff.

I had set off on today's walk without a ball, stick or toy.  I hoped we might just WALK on our WALK. Trey had other ideas and set off down the cliff, as he's learned that the ocean tosses out some pretty awesome "sticks".  

He insisted on carting his new-found "stick" on our entire walk in hope that I might throw it for him.

Like I said ... "Trey's an idiot.  A log-loving idiot."  

But he's MY log-loving idiot and I wouldn't have him any other way.